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Tenant Screening: As a member of Tenant Check, GRI will check for any negative reports on prospective tenants. GRI will verify their employment and their record with past landlords to confirm payment ability and stability as a tenant.

Advertising: GRI advertises through the Honolulu Advertiser under a volume discount contract, with savings passed on to the Owners. GRI also places rental ads on the MLS as well as many other internet venues. Advertising costs are the responsibility of the Owner and are deducted from his/her proceeds.

Owner's Remittance: Proceeds are disbursed monthly together with a property statement of account to the Owner around the 10th of each month.

Security Deposits: Tenant deposits are held in our clientele trust account.

Delinquency: If rent is not paid by the due date, the tenant is liable for a service charge. The service charge is divided equally with the Owner and GRI as payment for additional delinquency follow-up services.

Repairs: At GRI our emergency repair numbers are on 24/7 for any immediate assistance tenants or owners may need relating to property maintenance. GRI will initiate repairs when needed unless the cost exceeds the amount as stated in the Management Agreement, whereby the Owner's permission is requested. Nominal repair costs are deducted from the Owner's proceeds.

Periodic Property Screenings: As an integral part of asset management, GRI conducts periodic property inspections to insure proper care is being taken by all tenants to the subject property.

Legal Services: If legal services are required, the Owner may engage his/her own counsel or authorize GRI to engage our recommended counsel.

Management Fee: GRI charges a fee of 8% of the gross monthly rent collected. We do not charge a start up or tenant placement fee.

Insurance: Owners are advised to obtain Owners, Landlord, and Tenant Liability Insurance to protect their assets.

Taxes: State General Excise Tax must be paid on gross rents collected by Owners renting real property in Hawaii. GRI prepares Form 1099 for the Owner annually and a copy is forwarded to the appropriate governmental agencies.

Rental Agreement: As a member of the HBR, HAR, and the NAR, GRI utilizes the standard Rental Agreement published by the HAR.

Accounting: At GRI we use state of the art management software to ensure proper ledger balances and accurate accounting.